How are CASA volunteers different from attorneys?

The CASA volunteer does not provide legal representation in the courtroom−that is the role of the attorney. However, the CASA volunteer does provide crucial background information that assists attorneys in presenting their cases. It is important to remember that CASA volunteers do not represent a child’s wishes in court. Rather, […]

Is there a “typical” CASA volunteer?

CASA volunteers come from all walks of life and from a variety of professional, educational and ethnic backgrounds. There are nearly 1,000 CASA volunteers statewide. Local programs vary in the number of volunteers they utilize. Aside from their CASA volunteer work, 60 percent are employed in full- or part-time jobs; […]

How do CASA volunteers advocate for children?

CASA volunteers offer children trust and advocacy during complex legal proceedings. They help explain to the child the events happening involving the case, the reasons they are in court and the roles of the judge, lawyers and case workers. While remaining objective observers, CASA volunteers also encourage the child to […]