Charles Armour is a volunteer with CASA of Cecil County.

Charles Armour of CASA of Cecil County started his first case in April 2017, and has already made a significant impact!

Charles’ interest in CASA stemmed from 20 years of management experience while working for Johnson Controls where he assisted employees in all areas, ranging from domestic issues, drug dependence, and union disagreements. He realized that although these problems typically occur in adults, children can be affected as well.

Being raised by someone who was not his biological father taught Charles that love existed without “blood,” and he took this mentality on when becoming a CASA.

Charles is currently assigned to the case of a 19-year-old who had just recently been transitioned to an independent living program. Older CASA youth, like Charles’, need CASA volunteers to assist them in moving on to the next phases of their lives.

Before being assigned a volunteer, Charles’ CASA youth made the poor decision to move into a home owned by an individual who suffered from alcohol abuse.

Placing his CASA youth in a safe and stable home was a top priority for Charles, and with his help, his CASA youth has found their way to a great foster home!

Once his CASA youth found stability, Charles helped him learn how to take on new responsibilities like playing an active role in addressing his own health care needs. “I treat him just like I treated my own children,” he says.  “He needed to learn how to take responsibility himself because when he turns 21 he’ll age out of the system,” said Charles.

When asked what his favorite memory with his CASA child was, Charles said: “I think the first time he said thank you! It took many, many times of doing things for him, a lot of which he just took for granted.” Although it was overwhelming at times, Charles did not take it personally because he knew that his role was to be there to help his CASA youth in any capacity he could.

When Charles is not spending time with his CASA youth, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Charles also enjoys getting involved with his community by packing lunch for elementary school children for the times they are out of school.

To anyone considering becoming a CASA volunteer, Charles wants you to know that you shouldn’t treat your CASA child/youth any different from family. He learned that there’s always a story behind why someone is the way that they are, so it’s important not to judge and take them for who they are. He also wants to let you know that it’s important to take risks and not be afraid!

Thank you, Charles, for your guidance and patience in helping Maryland’s abused and neglected foster youth. We are so grateful for your service!

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