How effective are CASA programs?

Judges report that they assign CASA volunteers to the most complex cases with the highest number of risk factors for the children involved. Findings show that children who have been assigned CASA volunteers tend to spend less time in court and less time in the foster care system than those […]

How much time is required to volunteer?

Each case is different. A CASA volunteer usually spends about 10 hours doing research and conducting interviews prior to the first court appearance. More complicated cases take longer. Once initiated into the system, volunteers work about 10 hours a month.

How long does a CASA volunteer remain involved?

The volunteer continues until the case is permanently resolved. One of the primary benefits of the CASA program is that, unlike other court principals who often rotate cases, the CASA volunteer is a consistent figure in the proceedings and provides continuity for a child.

How can I find the CASA program in my community?

CASA programs are known by a variety of names, including Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children and Voices for Children. In order to find a CASA program in your area, or for more information click here.