Executive Director: Giulia M. Hodge

Emigrating from Italy at a young age, Giulia crossed oceans, cultures, languages, and many other barriers to settle into her new homeland. Growing up as a parentified child, she was destined for a career in a helping profession.

Giulia graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), concurrently interning at numerous prisons and non-profit organizations during her coursework. Upon graduation, she served the State of Maryland in the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) as a Resource and Case Management Specialist, and as a Coordinator of Volunteer Services – a role she passionately embraced for over three decades.

Working with at-risk youth, she developed and implemented programs that promoted social integration, youth accountability, and competency development. Giulia created and facilitated comprehensive intervention programs for juvenile offenders, some of which included a mentoring program, victim awareness education, community services, high risk adolescent trauma prevention programs, and several others including: Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs; Girls on Track, a regional respite care program utilizing horses; Youth Works, opportunities in the Arts; and a statewide sailing camp program for boys.

During her career at DJS, Giulia also worked with parents of children with disabilities through Cecil County Public Schools, as a Parent Resource Specialist for Special Education, and was an instructor with the Drug-Free Schools Program at CCPS, educating teenagers on making healthy decisions.

As a volunteer leader in her local community, Giulia has always led by example and is committed to making a difference in the lives of others. She is a firm believer that

“Those who can, do… Those who can do more, volunteer.”